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co2ol catalyst

Our sulfur resistant next generation catalyst converts your CO2 emission costs into added value from methanol.

Our Technology

Next Generation Catalyst

Our innovative new catalyst material based on MoS2 is readily active for converting CO2 into methanol with high selectivity.
It offers outstanding tolerance to impurities in flue gas streams, especially sulfur compounds, enabling to treat industrial CO2 emissions without the need for deep purification.
We are ready to move from lab to application.

The Concept

The technology based on our novel catalyst combines reduction of local CO2 emissions from various sources with the potential to defossilize chemical value chains.
Using green Hydrogen and renewable energy it produces methanol with significantly reduced carbon footprint .

Your benefits

impurity tolerance

No decrease of catalytic acitvity even with sulfur compunds present in the flue gas.

flexibility towards
feed gas streams

Applicable to all sources of carbon dioxide, whether biogenic, geogenic or fossil.

no need for
deep purification

Significantly reducing plant complexity for Carbon capture and pretreatment.

methanol selectivity

Making the best use out of Hydrogen.

operation conditions

Already active at <200 °C.

noble metals

Based on abundant Molybenumsulfide.

About us

Karin Föttinger

Karin is our scientific mastermind!
She’s got more than 20 years of expertise in catalyst reasearch combining fundamental science with applied research in industry related projects. Karin is Professor at TU Wien, heading the group of technical catalysis, i.e. the very place our catalyst was born.

Christian Weilach

Christian is the strategist behind the project!
He holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry and brings in his experience from > 10 years working in industry. He is experienced in leading international projects and scaling disruptive technologies from lab to industrial implementation. As an inventor, Christian has filed 18 patents.

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